Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here's it is, Monday again and time for the ONLY good thing about the beginning of the week! Please join me in cleansing of our conciouses of all the things we certainly did NOT do in the past week. Oh, and don't forget to link up with MckMama at to share your NOT dirty laundry with all the rest of her beloved "wolverines".

This past week I most certainly did not spend far too much money shopping for things I "needed" for a trip to Chicago for a wedding.

One of those items was certainly not a new lightweight Chicco stroller, which I adore!

I also did NOT beg and plead with my husband to stop and get a hotel room on the way home from said trip out of sheer exhaustion, even though we were less than 3 hours away from our destination. I was also NOT the passenger making my level of exhaustion a moot point in the argument.

I was not in total awe of the creatures we saw at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, definitely not even more so than my children.

I also did NOT upon seeing Nicholas' first tooth poking through his tender gums proceed to take multiple photos of the lower portion of his face.

I of course did not think that these photos are just adorable and wonder if it would be odd to frame one of them.

Those are just a few of the things I did NOT do last week. Join in the fun - I promise it feels really good to get rid of some of that dirty laundry!

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  1. maybe perhaps down the road you will decide you only need like 5 bottom gum pics instead of 15...haha...I do the same thing!!! I take a alot right away...and then as it changes...and then I look back and by process of reduction...only have a fraction so that my child doesn't look at me one day and be like, "really?!"
    I did not reduce any the time he fell asleep on the toilet with his hands covering his can never have enough of those for blackmail!